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AMERICAN LEGION-DEPARTMENT OF FLORIDA: Reistad heads to Europe for historic milestones

By Press release submission | May 26, 2019

American Legion National Commander Brett P. Reistad will be leading a delegation of more than 40 American Legion Family members and guests through a tour of key European sites marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the centennial of the organization that he now leads.

ALEXANDER ABRAMSON PLLC: 7 Easy Steps to Improve the Salability of Your Business

By Press release submission | May 25, 2019

In business there is one timeless rule: you will leave your business at some point. Business owners should always prepare for their business exits well in advance.

KAVALIRO: The Power of Working Away from Your Desk

By Press release submission | May 13, 2019

I am asked to be both creative and analytical in my role at Kavaliro. As a member of the marketing department, it is my job to pitch, create, build, monitor, and assess all of our marketing efforts.

CRAWFORD THOMAS RECRUITING: 5 Questions Hiring Managers Want To Hear, from a Candidate, During An Interview

By Press release submission | May 12, 2019

Showing you are engaged and committed to an interview, as a candidate, really shows the hiring manager that you came prepared and want to be there

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Protect Your Joint Health to Feel Whole as You Age

By Press release submission | May 3, 2019

As you age, your joints naturally become stiff and less flexible. You may already be feeling the effects as you get out of bed in the morning, sit for long periods of time, or take the stairs.

KAVALIRO: Kavaliro Opens Santa Rosa Office

By Press release submission | Apr 26, 2019

The Santa Rosa branch is something we have wanted to open for a while now," said Managing Partner, John Mahony.

CRAWFORD THOMAS RECRUITING: How To Maximize Your Employer Brand

By Press release submission | Apr 25, 2019

It is important to have a strong Employer Brand because that is how all employees, present or past, view you.

ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES: ADU Religion Classes in the Lands of the Bible

By Press release submission | Apr 19, 2019

When reading the Scriptures, did you ever wish you could visit the sites where some of its stories took place?


By Press release submission | Apr 18, 2019

9th now is mobile! We’ve taken all the best of the Court's TV streaming app and put it on your phone or tablet. And, it’s all still free!

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